Dear Internet,

There is a lot of misinformation out there about Iconn and it’s relation to Fyre. We here at Iconn want to put to rest to the endless speculation about whether Iconn and Fyre have any connection: They do not.

While both involve the idea of talent bookings, similar ideas do not mean any connection exists. Also, Fyre’s CEO Billy McFarland has never, and will never have anything to do with Iconn.

While we did not create the concept of celebrity entertainment bookings, we are confident that Iconn’s features and technology will genuinely evolve the entertainment industry for the better.

Our goal from the beginning has been to level the playing field for talent while making it easier and more secure for talent buyers to connect with the talent they need. Our team is made up of seasoned veterans that know the industry from top to bottom, and will help it progress to the next level.

We are really proud of the early traction Iconn’s seeing, especially from those within our industry. So, keep on building out there, we’ll be here working our ass off to build a better industry for talent.

Oh – and please be nice to S.K.A.M. – they’re a fantastic agency and we’re proud to call them a partner!

~The Iconn Team