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GR3G HUNT was born in the parts unknown. He was raised in the darkness Lake Valley, DJ & producer Gr3g Hunt is a name needing little introduction but deserving acclaim. Having built a career and reputation. He was first introduced to the electronic music scene in the rave phenomena. Originally producing house and techno. In 2006, he decided that he was going to make anything EDM including sub genres and hardstyle.. All production under the name GR3G HUNT is original. As his image to trans send to sound one of the first individuals to bring the Apocalypse culture to America (in one of the electronic world, GR3G HUNT is in that group miss story DJ’s Producers gang that we all wonder what he looks like.

GR3G HUNT has had his own radio show, and played along side DJ dougie fresh from the rap group the get fresh crew, played shows with DJ dougie fresh, he has also done shows with Pauly d from jersey shore, flux pavilion, anamanaxuchi and virtual riot. This veteran DJ and producer is no stranger to the underground house, EDM, scene. his skills and signature sound of house and EDM music out top the masses and quickly became known as one of the premier EDM DJ’S through the world.. the demand kept growing for his talent as a DJ, leading way to the next logical and creative step, the creation of his own music. GR3G currently has numerous remixes, remix the remixes and original beats…
that gave him top 100 mixcloud charts to the top 20 mixcloud charts over twenty times every year. Gr3g has over 25,0000 plays on soundcloud. Gr3g has defended the word production in production with his fx and showmanship that will leave your wanting to come back with more. his live shows he feeds off the crowd to throw it back 10 folds. branding himself with company’s that he loves and believes in.

while this humble, authentic and charming musician has grown from club DJ to festivals this record producer with grace and ease taking success in his stride. Having trademarked his unique infusion of house, electro, future bass, trap, dub step early on, his music continues to inspire and evolve whilst still remaining true to the very core of the Hunt sound.

you never know what he brings to a live show to making you wanting more.

In 2018, he signed with the mak music, becoming there only EDM artist

Gr3g Hunt

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