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“And though she be but little, she is fierce.” It’s unlikely that Shakespeare had Lindsay Mushett in mind when he wrote this line, but he might as well have. Lindsay is an eye-catching, 5’2″ dynamo actress, model, and stuntwoman. Reviewers have compared her to “Alicia Silverstone at the height of her popularity,” and she is equally adept at inspiring a roar of laughter and an emotional catharsis (sometimes even both at the same time).

In conjunction with regularly modeling makeup and other cosmetic and clothing products, as a stuntwoman and former Columbia University Division I soccer player, Lindsay is known for her gritty, physical storytelling on the screen. Lindsay will be seen in upcoming feature films Looks That Kill (opposite Brandon Flynn, Julia Goldani Telles, Ki Hong Lee) and Immortal (leading opposite Dylan Baker), and received praise for her performance in Refinery29’s Shatterbox film The Godmother (opposite Lauren Ash). Her television credits include Blue Bloods, The Blacklist, and Fear the Walking Dead.

Lindsay Mushett

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