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Lonzo Cash A.K.A TewCupz, the artist formerly known as “Johnny Cash”, has been representing the DMV streets for quite some time. Born in Panama, Lonzo moved to Virginia at the age of 7, and again, at the age of 13. Lonzo would travel back and forth to Maryland, visiting his cousin and getting into adolescent activity.

Lonzo would begin taking rap seriously in high school, battling classmates, writing, and making songs on a daily basis. After graduation, he would attend the art institute off of a scholarship to study audio production; Lonzo would eventually drop out. From there, most of his time would be spent in Manassas and Largo, spreading word of his lyrical abilities by way of rapping to people. He ended up dropping his first mixtape “Cash World” soon after.
Following “Cash World”, Lonzo would drop his second mixtape, “Don’t Blow My Buzz”. In 2012, Lonzo Cash would move to Southeast DC with his Aunt and Cousin and begin doing shows in the city. He would travel back and forth to Virginia, continuing the run of showcases. In 2015, Lonzo would take a harsh blow to his life.

Lonzo’s good friend, his brother from another mother, his Triangle O groupmate, Shaheed Henderson, would be shot in the streets of Philadelphia; he wouldn’t survive. This would make Lonzo gain an “F the world” attitude and become even more reckless then ever. His drinking would increase severely and his ability to listen to advice would cease. He was going downhill. Taking the negative, somehow Lonzo would find inspiration to continue making music in honor of his fallen friend. He would start working on his next mixtape entitled, “AMFM” or “After Mitchie For Mitchie”. It would take two years to get the tape to something he would feel is acceptable.

During the process, Lonzo would catch a case in Virginia, that would ultimately slow his progress. His biggest fear became, would he even be able to drop this mixtape with the threat of incarceration in the midst. Lonzo wouldn’t let that stop him. He did everything in his power to ensure the release of “AMFM” while at the same time fighting his case.

Lonzo Cash

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