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SLYKIZ is a producer, Modern Afro Hip Hop Artist and DJ who has produced 2 album and 5 singles. As a music producer and artist he had collaborated with artists such as Robbie G, Brick and Lace, Rwech Dj, Ulopa Ngoma, Wakimbizi and Generous boys. As an African native, he became the co-director of Born in Goma, Afro beat official Dj and also co-founded Slykiz Entertainment. He had opened for many artist such as Longombaz, Akon, Sean Kingston, Nelly, Wu-Tang, Sean Paul, Elephant Man, Papa Wemba, Fally Ipupa, Eric Wainaina, Brick and Lace just to mention a few. DJ Slykiz was exposed to music at a young age. His Congolese parents were choir members who encouraged their son’s love for music.

Slykiz moved to Canada in 2013, in a career-changing move, Slykiz took a break from creating music and focus on Audio production and Disk jockey, he later realized a new style and released his new single street life in Swahili (2013), Freedom (2015), D-Dance (2017) and Cadance ft Robbie G (2018). His mixtape tracks usually feature mush with new beat that he creates. Slykiz is now working on a new album Beaten in Darkness that will be released at the of this year. How Dj Slykiz Became Famous? After war broke up in Congo, Slykiz and his family moved to Kenya in 2001 He later met with Ulopa Ngoma Production “Sub-Sahara” who were impressed enough with his skills to give him one of their business to re-record a French version of Nimpate.

Slykiz has been a UN-UNICEF ambassador since 2003. He has been performing and Djing all over East Africa between 2003 to 2013. He did a Canadian tour in few states such as Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria Island in 2017 and intend to keep doing one big tour every year. Slykiz is now a Global Brand Ambassador for Poppy Apparel and a host of “Music and I” at FM 98.5 CKWR


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