Introducing ICONN

ICONN is social money created by the Iconn team on the Roll platform. 


We’re all a part of a community. Social money like ICONN takes it one step further: imagine being able to actually own a piece of your favorite community as it grows.


Think about all the people and communities you knew before they blew up. Your favorite artist, a gamer, a youtuber, that music festival downtown, a tutor in your high school math class, the list is endless. 


Owning some of their social money means owning a piece of their success and becoming a part of their story. Here’s how to get started:

Download Roll to use ICONN  

Go to the Apple app store or Google Play Store to download the Roll wallet

Go through the sign up process and create a username and password. Make sure it’s secure, some social money can have a dollar value just like bitcoin or any other digital currency.  

Great, you’re in! Now you can hold any social money created across the web. Click the credit card icon of each creator to see your balance.  

You can also send social money to any other user on Roll. Just type in their username! 

Plugging into the blockchain to get ICONN

You can either buy the ICONN social money or earn it directly from the Ja and the ICONN team.

To buy ICONN, you’ll need a special wallet called Metamask that interacts directly with the Ethereum blockchain. You can download it here.

Check out this step-by-step youtube guide on setting up Metamask in less than 5 minutes. Remember and write down your seed phrase!

Ping us at [email protected] if you need any help. 


Getting the ICONN social money on Uniswap


ICONN is traded on the Uniswap exchange. Be one of the first to grab ICONN here.

You’ll need to have Ether (ETH), the digital currency of the Ethereum blockchain to get ICONN. 

Getting into Club ICONN

Club ICONN is a membership group for people that hold at least 200 ICONN. While in beta, the membership group is currently active on telegram and will soon expand to other platforms 

Sign up now to learn more and be among the first to get access!