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Born April 23, 1982 as Antonio Cruz in the Bronx, NY is an American R&B singer, songwriter, musician, producer, voice actor, dancer, actor, entrepreneur and rapper of Puerto Rican descent, famous for singing on a large number of Terror Squad songs. He sang on tracks such as Fat Joe’s “All I Need” Big Pun’s “100%” and Cuban Link’s “Still Telling Lies”. He released his own single on Jive Records titled: “Oh My God” featuring Diddy and Dirtbag in 2004.

Raised in the Bronx, Tony was taken in at the age of 13 by Fat Joe, who attempted to secure a recording contract for the teen. He took the name Tony Sunshine, and eventually became a member of Terror Squad. Big Pun was like a big brother to Sunshine, also respected and understood his unique talent. Tony has collaborated with R. Kelly, Ginuwine, T-Pain, Fabolous and N.o.R.E., just to name a few.

Tony Sunshine has sung vocals for Big Punisher on songs like “100%”, “Laughin at You”, and “My Dick”. He has also appeared on some of Fat Joe’s songs including “TS Piece”, and “All I need”. Terror Squad’s debut album entitled Terror Squad was released in 1999, Tony Sunshine appears on several songs on that album also.
Fat Joe was able to finalize a record deal for Tony in 2005 with Epic and Sony BMG. Tony Sunshine was released from Sony BMG in May, 2006 and was signed to Urban Box Office. In November 2006, UBO folded, leaving the future of Tony Sunshine’s 2007 debut release uncertain. Tony released “She’s Like The Wind”, that featured fellow New York artist Lumidee. There is an English version and a Spanglish version.

2010, Tony was signed to Jive Records was preparing his first full-length album with productions from Swizz Beatz and T-Pain. His first single “Say Hey” was released in July 2010 and was produced by Swizz Beatz.
Fast forward to 2015, Tony has just released his new comeback mixtape where he skillfully blended R&B and Hip Hop. Working with different producers and exploring his sound, his new mixtape “No Filter” has gotten acclaimed reviews on blogs, and online print. It is rumored that Tony is now working on a brand new LP with original material.

2003: “Grey Goose” (featuring Fat Joe)
2004: “Oh My God” (featuring Diddy & Dirtbag)
2007: “She’s Like the Wind” (featuring Lumidee)
2010: “Say Hey”
2011: “#1 Baby”
2013: “Don’t Deserve”
2015: “Crying”
2016: Danger (featuring Chris Rivers)
2016: Close
2017: Talk About It

IG: @iamtonysunshine
Twitter: @tonysunshinebx

Tony Sunshine

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